I have a question where the seemingly simple solution seems to be eluding me. I also don't see it anywhere online. When I create a site template with Sharepoint Online where are they stored? I need to delete one but I can't seem to locate where they are kept. If I cannot go directly to a URL and just "delete it", is there a way to do this programmatically with powershell?

  • how you create the template? development or Saving the site as template? – Waqas Sarwar MVP Jan 2 '18 at 17:07
  • You don't work for MS do you? I don't want you to shut down or block that work-around. :) – scottj Jan 2 '18 at 17:47
  • I am not Msft employee and I have no power to shut down things in sharepoint...lol...which workaround u talking about....mainly if msft come to know a things, they called it un supported – Waqas Sarwar MVP Jan 2 '18 at 17:50
  • Ok good. Lol. They don't like it when you don't work for them but you come up with a workaround to what they disabled. :) In Sharepoint designer go to > site options > highlight SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled property > click modify > change "false" to "true" > click "apply" > click "ok". – scottj Jan 2 '18 at 17:55
  • U are talking about publishing template when there is no option for save as template, right? They know it but it is unsupported – Waqas Sarwar MVP Jan 2 '18 at 17:57

If you created the site template using the Site settings > save as template options,

It will be in Solution Gallery which can be access by this:

  • Click Settings SharePoint Online Public Website Settings button and then click Site Settings.

    In the Web Designer Galleries section, click Solutions.

Here is good article about it: Create and use site templates

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  • I didn't use site settings > save as template. I used Sharepoint designer > save site as template. Would it still be in solutions? – scottj Jan 2 '18 at 17:59

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