Wondering if someone can help with a problem I am having please. I am currently using SharePoint Online with InfoPath 2013 to setup a form. I have shared an InfoPath form externally with a user. However when the user tries to access the form they see the following: InfoPath License Error

The error states that I do not have a license to use InfoPath Forms Services. However according to Microsoft "external users inherit the use rights of SharePoint Online customer who is inviting them to collaborate"

The user who has shared the form has an Office 365 Enterprise E3 license however we continue to see the error.

Office 365 Enterprise E3

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this.

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Right, you cannot share an InfoPath or PowerApp form with external users.

As an alternative, I could suggest you taking a look at our Plumsail Forms. This solution is designed for creating responsive forms and publishing them to modern SharePoint pages. But also, it allows you to create a form and publish it anywhere, at any website publicly available.

Then, handle form submissions with Microsoft Flow and save data anywhere - to a SharePoint list, send by e-mail, convert into PDF and put to OneDrive.


The external users just inherit the permission to the items/sites but not the license which the inviter has.

External users do not have a license to your Office 365 subscription, they are limited to basic collaboration tasks.

More information refer to Manage external sharing for your SharePoint Online environment

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