We want to use a workflow to move a list item to a subfolder in the same list based off employee type/selection from a dropdown column.

If the dropdown value selected is 'manager', then we want to move the list item to a subfolder called 'manager' with tighter permissions.

We're looking at this as an example, but I don't see how to take a single item and actually move it:


Our call is to:

http://oursite/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('Succession%20Management%20Form')/items([%Current Item:ID %])

What I'm missing his how to place this list item into a sub-folder.

We have a lookup field that uses this list's ID field that self-references for lookups + many specific content type fields that would copy over. Seems like a web service is the way to go to pull all these fields over to that sub-folder.

  • This sounds a lot like the OOTB Content Organizer, support.office.com/en-us/article/…. Perhaps that could be an alternative? – Kasper Bo Larsen Dec 26 '17 at 0:27
  • Tried this route, but the lookup column goes to blank on the copy. – Sol Web Solutions Dec 28 '17 at 5:48
  • We're working on a workflow that moves the title, but the listdata.svc call via HTTP Post only allows us to pull over the Title to the sub-folder with tighter permissions. Do I need to build the dictionary for every field for each of the available 3 content types on this list? If I add any field into my RequestContent dictionary variable which has the Title and Path, I get an error: {"error":{"code":"","message":{"lang":"en-US","value":"Error processing request stream. The payload must represent a valid array format for collections."}}} – Sol Web Solutions Jan 4 '18 at 20:16

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