I am writing a powershell script to copy files (documents) from a OneDrive site to a SharePoint site. They are in different site collections.

I am using this command:

Copy-PnPFile -SourceUrl $file.fieldvalues.FileRef -TargetUrl $destpath -OverwriteIfAlreadyExists -Force -ErrorVariable errors -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

But it is giving me 404 error. I think the error is coming from the -sourceurl parameter since they are from different site collection. I tried adding the whole url of the source file but it gave me this error:

Copy-PnPFile : Value does not fall within the expected range.

I can just load the files using $docLibrary = $ctx.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Documents"), but I'm not sure how to copy its contents to the SharePoint site. Is there any possible approach?

P.S: I am getting the files form the onedrive using $items = Get-PnPListItem -List Documents -PageSize 1000.

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You could save the file in the local folder in computer firstly and then upload the file from the local folder to the document library in SharePoint online.

More references:

SharePoint Online : Upload recursive files to Document library using PowerShell.


SharePoint Online: Files operation with PnP Powershell.


  • Thank you!! i've done exactly this one and its working perf. however, just a quick question. we can copy files from one drive to other site collections manually through the list UI but not sure why there are no powershell command for it. or i am completely missing out on this
    – Page F.P.T
    Jan 4, 2018 at 8:52

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