This is probably a noobie question as I'm still new to managing SharePoint Online using PowerShell.

I was looking at a post from here to enable CDN on the picture library for slideshows. The issue i'm facing is that it is still using the Get-SPO verbiage.

Get-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Private

Set-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Private -Enable $true 
Set-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Private 
Add-SPOTenantCdnOrigin -CdnType Private -OriginUrl */libname

I can't find any Get/Set-Pnp cdn cmdlets. Any help, link, or references is greatly appreciated!


There is not an API to achieve this feature in pnp-powershell currently. Check the article below:


We need use the PowerShell below to achieve it in currently.

$spo = Read-Host 'Enter your SPO Service URL. (example https://<tenant>-admin.sharepoint.com)'
$origin = Read-Host 'Enter the url to the CDN.  (example https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/Media/CDNLibrary)'
connect-sposervice $spo
$tenant = Get-SPOTenant
Set-SPOTenant -PublicCdnEnabled $true
$tenant = Get-SPOTenant
New-SPOPublicCdnOrigin -url $origin

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