Trying to create hyperlink within a Word doc to specific bookmark on SharePoint Wiki page. In Word, html hyperlink to wiki page works fine but when I add #AnchorName to end of hyperlink string I get page not found. What is the right syntax? Thank you

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Does the bookmark work as expected on the page?

I tried to reproduce your issue but it failed. You can provide your steps (it would be better to provide some screenshots) for checking the issue.

Here are my steps:

  1. Insert a link as the bookmark (section2) in the "Bookmark" page (Bookmarks.aspx). enter image description here

  2. Insert a link to bookmark (#section2). enter image description here

  3. Save the wiki page and test. It works.

  4. Insert the hyperlink “http://sp/sites/team/SitePages/Bookmark.aspx#section2” in a Word file. By clicking this link from the file, the page is opened and it steps into the section2.

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