Is it generally best practice to have a single Document Center for a company, with various Document libraries for different areas of the company, or create multiple Document Centers, perhaps by department?

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this will depend on the amount of data and members of your organization,

but as a best practice you'll want to create at least a site or site collection for each department and possible a subsite for each team on each department.


Both of them can be deployed in this case , but before that ,you should compare and consider which scenario is suit for you .

Multiple Document Center :

Advantages : Let each department manage and store their own files and policies , much safety .

Disadvantage :It very hard to manage for an Administrator .

Single Document Center :

Advantage :

  1. Only 1 site to store all files and items , much easy to manage .

  2. For End users , they also prefer going to 1 place to find all your company policies , It is like one-stop-shop!

Disadvantage : If your organization are very huge , different department have own policy and be treated as departmental confidential , it is not very safety .

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