SharePoint 2010 (SP2) Web Part error:

One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation cannot deserialize the Web Part

We've recently started receiving the above Web part errors with a completely unchanged farm. The webparts are not custom and only appears to be ContentEditorWebPart and PageViewerWebPart.

A recent storage issue on one of our two WFE servers (Server 2008 R2) may be the culprit (it is currently the only operational WFE on our load-balancer whilst our other one is being worked on), but since clearing out plenty of space (log files) the problem has only arisen up to a couple of days after the event.

Having read a number of online resources there appears to be a couple of potential solutions (given our symptoms):

  • Permissions
  • Restart problem WFE

Given that the farm configuration is unchanged and we've confirmed the permissions (compared to the online resources) are correct, we're looking to restart the WFE.

The question:

Is there a way to perform a minimal restart that will have minimal impact on the service?

I.e. Is this a suitable "order" of least impact?

  • Application Pool Recycle - this appears to be the "safest" solution as it'll, essentially, keep the service up and spawn a new w3wp.exe to handle new requests.
  • IISRESET - Stop, and then start, all associated services. A heftier approach by, essentially, refreshing everything IIS related.
  • Restart WFE host.

Most importantly, will the "least impact" solution (Application Pool Recycle) identify that it now has plenty of disk space and help resolve the web parts issue???

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I just experienced this issue. We are (still) in SP 2010 on prem, not sure what you were/are in. But recycling the app pool fixed it for us.

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