I have created a SharePoint list. Within this list I also added the column "Hyperlink or Picture". In the field settings I selected to format the url as a picture. This works fine.

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However, now I want to resize the picture to a certain size. I have read as a possibility that I could at the script editor webpart (see: Sharepoint list view with Thumbnail image). The script editor is unfortunately not available to me.

Column-formatting (see: column formatting to customize SharePoint) is available to me. Now I was wondering if I cannot use that to format my column? Since what I want to do is change the style... Therefor I came up with the following JSON.

   "elmType": "img",
   "txtContent": "@currentField",
   "style": {
      "width": "50px",
      "height": "50px",

Unfortunatly this does not work. Is this because my JSON is incorrect? Or is this not possible to do at all using the column formatting?

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You can try this:

"elmType": "img",
"txtContent": "",
"style": {
    "width": "80px",
    "height": "60px"
"attributes": {
    "src": {
        "operator": "+",
        "operands": [

The path might need some adjustment but this should work.


Here is a solution for you which I have tested successfully.

First, click “Edit Page”.

enter image description here

Second, add a Content Editor web part. enter image description here

Then, click “Click here to add new content”. enter image description here

Next, click "Edit Source" to insert the JS code below. enter image description here

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.2.1.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(function () {
    var boxWidth = $(".ms-tileview-tile-content").width();
    var boxHeight = $(".ms-tileview-tile-content").height();
    var img = $("img.ms-positionRelative");
    img.attr("class", "");
    function DrawImg(boxWidth, boxHeight) {
        var imgWidth = img.width();
        var imgHeight = img.height();

        //compare the width and height
        if ((boxWidth / boxHeight) >= (imgWidth / imgHeight)) {

            //reset the width and height of img
           img.width((boxHeight * imgWidth) / imgHeight);

            //display img in center
            var margin = (boxWidth -img.width()) / 2;
           img.css("margin-left", margin);
        } else {

            //reset the width and height of img
           img.height((boxWidth * imgHeight) / imgWidth);

            //display img in center
            var margin = (boxHeight -img.height()) / 2;
           img.css("margin-top", margin);
    DrawImg(boxWidth, boxHeight);


Last, click “stop editing” to save you change and you will see what you want. enter image description here

Screenshot of result:

enter image description here

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