Which permission is required to Declare or Undeclare a Record? I am using In-Place Records Management.

Is the Edit Items or Manage Lists permissions needed?

OK, here are the details...Here is where the Site Collection Record Declaration Settings are configured: Site Collection Record Declaration Settings

Yes, I realise that in this picture it says All List Contributors and Administrators. Yet it seems the Contributors group can not Declare/Undeclare a Record, that's what this MS link appears to say.

Yet I'm left feeling unclear, I don't know if it is because of my mid-afternoon mental dip (could be!). MS say there are two different Permissions - it depends on whether All list contributors and administrators or Only list administrators is selected!

'Declaration Roles' - Contributor / Administator

Here's another MS link on Sharepoint 2013 Permissions - note the distinction between the Contribute and Edit Permission Level, Edit Items and Manage Lists permissions....


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This post goes some way to answering my question - it all depends on how it is configured at the Site Collection level>Record Declaration Settings.

Declaration Roles

My site collection uses the 'All list contributors and administrators' option at the site collection level. So, unless there is an over-ride at the document library level, that means that normally 'contributors' would be able to undeclared records. Contributors have the "edit items" permissions, so in my case this would be sufficient to undeclared a record.

As you see in the Site Permissions>Permission Levels menu - when I select the OOTB standard Contribute permission and examine which permissions this PERMISSION LEVEL is comprised of - it has the Edit Items permission. This is enough to undeclared a record with the configuration I have selected on the Site Collection.


So, it seems I was just having a 'mid-afternoon brain black-out' after all...

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