Is there a way to show a site hierarchy in perhaps a custom web part within SharePoint? Ideally, I would like the list of links to be updated dynamically when a new subsite is created.

Something simple like a list which showcases where you currently reside within a Site Collection i.e.

Parent Site

  1. Team Site 1
    • Subsite 1
    • Subsite 2
  2. Team Site 2
    • Subsite 1
    • Subsite 2

Could you use a Content Search to achieve this? Just brainstorming and wanting to see if it is possible to do NOT in the quick launch.


There is a Keyword filter in Content Search Web Part to return only sites

enter image description here

But unfortunately, it will not provide you the desired result as Site Hierarchy.

Alternatively, you can use Table of content web part that available in Publishing site, but it will also show the lists and documents libraries besides the sites and subsites! here workaround but looks like not working :(

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  • Hm, this is a good start though. Thank you! I've been told to make some page layouts like BrightWork without my company having money to purchase BW :| – user2004758 Dec 12 '17 at 14:08

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