I can find TechNet articles on the software boundaries for SharePoint Online, but there is no mention on the maximum number of lists or libraries. Any insight?

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There are no limit mentioned for number of list /library in a site collection but we can do a math and estimate how much we can create a web application.

Supported Limit for number Items in a content Database is 60 Million.

Supported limit for Number of Items in a List / library is 30 Million.

Now if we have a single site collection in a content database then we can 2 have List / Library with 30 Million items in each. Again you can cross that limit per depend upon your infrastructure.

Number of list ? library depend on the following factor

  • How many Site collection in a single content database.
  • How many items in each list and library.
  • Performance of the SharePoint.

another example: a single site collection in a content database, can have 60 list with 1 million items in each.

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