I have set up a list that has a lookup field on Documents. This works nicely except for one thing.

If I open a record (by double clicking on the record), a panel pops out showing a form populated with the data for that record.

The document(s) that I have selected in that lookup field for that record are displayed as hyperlinks (coloured) and when I hover over the link, the cursor turns to a hand indicating that I ought to be able to click on the link in order to open the document.

But when I do this, the field changes to edit mode and the document does not open. This going to be a major problem for our users who want to navigate from the record to the associated document.

Do others see this problem? Is this intended behaviour? Is there a workaround/fix?

The links are clickable and do work as I had hoped in the actual List view and on the form if I switch to Classic view.



  • Sorry forgot to say that this is in Office 365 - so I am guessing that this is with Sharepoint 2016. PS: I am Sharepoint beginner Dec 8, 2017 at 16:21

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Per my test, I can reproduce the condition as you that I can just edit the lookup column instead of link to the document property.

enter image description here

It’s by default that we can only edit the column value in the details pane. As a workaround, I recommend the user open the document link directly in the view instead of details pane.

enter image description here

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