I am using Sharepoint Server 2013 and I have a list of users who have read only access at the top-level site. I have created a Discussion board on a sub-site (that branches out directly from that top-level site). This sub-site also contains a library with several Excel reports.

The users from the sub-site have inherited the same permissions from the parent site (ie: the top-level site) and hence, they have only a read access in the discussion board.

How do I go about changing their permissions for the discussion board? Do I need to break the inheritance to the parent site?

I am new to Sharepoint and we do not have a Sharepoint administrator in place. So, I want to be very cautious before moving forward with this.

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For OOB function, you could break permission for discussion board list and grant proper permission for users so they could have permission to it.

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