Probably a silly question: I have a vs2010 project with workflows in a site scoped feature. When i deploy through visual studio the workflows are associated with lists. However when i deploy manually they don't. I'm guessing i have to associate through an event receiver or did i miss something?

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To associate a custom workflow to a list, you can use Features. Write a Feature Receiver and write code to associate the Workflow to the List.

Here is sample code to associate a workflow : http://blogs.prexens.com/pages/post.aspx?ID=9

You can also use AssociationCategories Element in work flow definition. See here for details : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa543430.aspx


if you setup workflow manually you should do these steps:

  • Open List settings Tab on ribbon
  • Click on arrow under workflow settings
  • Click on Add workflow
  • Choose your workflow from the list
  • Setup workflow settings

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