I would like to automate creation of a subsite and of a publishing site. Is it possible to create a publishing site and also dynamically add webparts to it e.g create also a document library on the fly and then add it to particular webpart zone

Thanks in advance

PublishingPageInformation publishingPageInfo = new PublishingPageInformation();
publishingPageInfo.Name = pageFileName // Set file name here;
publishingPageInfo.PageLayoutListItem = layout // Url of the page layout inside master page gallery;
// Adding new page to web.
PublishingPage publishingPage =pubWeb.AddPublishingPage(publishingPageInfo);
publishingPage.ListItem["Title"] = pageTitle; //title of the page
pageURL = publishingPage.ListItem["FileRef"].ToString(); // this will give you the URL of the page added

Don't forget to include using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Publishing; reference.

I hope this helps you to solve the problem.

  • Thanks users1100. About adding webparts dynamically to the page? – naijacoder Dec 7 '17 at 11:49

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