I added an index to the List field the Managed Property is Searchable, the Mapped Crawled Properties is set to 'Include in full-text index'.

the list field name is 'ShamelDisplayNameAr' the Managed Property name is 'ShamelDisplayNameAr' the Crawled Properties has three ('ows_q_TEXT_ShamelDisplayNameAr' , 'ows_r_MTXT_ShamelDisplayNameAr' , 'ows_ShamelDisplayNameAr')

I'm not sure which Crawled Properties I have to map to the Managed Property. can anyone advise?

  • What kind of field is it? Person and group? – YogaPanda Dec 5 '17 at 20:19

Commonly, the crawled property for the list columns will be named like ows_InternalColumnName.

The crawled property for the site columns will be named like:

  • For site columns of type Publishing HTML and Multiple line of text: ows_r_<four letter code>_

  • For site columns of type Managed Metadata: ows_taxId_

  • For all other site column types: ows_q_<four letter code>_

As it is a list column, map ows_ShamelDisplayNameAr to the managed property.

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