I'm trying to get data from Oracle into InfoPath. I have created a linked server.

I am getting data connection base OPENQUERY:

  select * from OPENQUERY (ORADB, 'select * from DBCUSTOMER where ....')

Is it advisable to dynamically input WHERE in SQL data connection from InfoPath variables?

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, you can't add dynamic values from Infopath variables to the Where clause when you configure the data connection for database source.

In general, when you configure a data connection form database (SQL / OLE DB provider for Oracle), there is no option to add where clause.

enter image description here

In this case, you should Edit SQL Statment to provide where clause manually with static data!!

enter image description here

The available workaround is to use Filter Data and specify your conditions that depend on InfoPath fields based on your requirements.

enter image description here

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