I have a multiple choice column of potential attendees that are to be enrolled in a course. After the number of available spots is filled, I disable the column along with the "Add" button, yet one problem remains.

When I open the page, the first option appears to be selected. If I double-click on the selection area, that first option, the potential attendee is put on the attendee's list to the right. I have searched this topic quite a bit and no solution worked so far.

Please help!


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I managed to come up with an .on( "click", function( event ) put on the left side selection list.

Also added a variable that would start at 0 and ++ at each click event on that element.

When var = 1 I pop up an alert to the user not to click there again. The 2nd time, I use location.reload();

If there is a more elegant method, please let me know.

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