I am having trouble finding the different values for certain properties. For example I'm trying to track down what ControlMode:4 is.

I found SPControlMode enumeration but there is no enumeration to say what the values are is it zero or 1 based? I think it is zero based which means New is 3, but in that case there is no 4.

So does anybody know what ControlMode of 4 is?

Also why ais the msdn documentation so lousy on this. For example the Workflow status documentation doesn't show the actual values either.

Does anybody have a good resource for finding the actual values?


It's defined in the clienttemplates.js file.

SPClientTemplates.ClientControlMode = {
        Invalid: 0,
        DisplayForm: 1,
        EditForm: 2,
        NewForm: 3,
        View: 4

Edit for Workflow statuses:

If you look into the MS-SPWCSOM docs you'll notice each individual status has a value. For example: Canceling
Value: 3

For js, it's defined in the SP.Workflow.Services.js file:

SP.WorkflowServices.WorkflowStatus.prototype = {
    notStarted: 0, 
    started: 1, 
    suspended: 2, 
    canceling: 3, 
    canceled: 4, 
    terminated: 5, 
    completed: 6, 
    notSpecified: 7, 
    invalid: 8
  • Thank you. Do you know where the Workflow statuses are defined as well? – Rothrock Feb 19 '18 at 15:57

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