I am really new to workflows in SharePoint. I'm just messing around and trying to create simple ones.

I want to create a workflow where:

  1. User A drops a template into a library
  2. This triggers an email off to User B alerting them the template is in
  3. User B then adds content to the template
  4. User B sends it off to user C to review/Comments
  5. User C sends back comments or approves
  6. Once approved and email will go to User D who can add comments and also reject/approve
  7. Once user D has marked it as approved the workflow ends

Can I do this with multiple workflows? I am really finding workflows confusing. Any good links or advice would be a real help. I am searching and not really finding any help for my scenario.



Best approach is to have one single workflow set to run on change (in case one to run on creation to set up the base values), and instead create different forms (html forms, not infopath) based on users different needs, but all feeding the same list.
To set up the approval I suggest you to create columns (choice or yes/not) for each step, and the workflow verify both the filled fields and the approval status. and in case sends alert (email) to the next/previous actor.
Rather than having several workflow, you better split it in stages and steps. In case you can use 2010 sub-workflows, but I think the best approach is to have one single well designed 2013 wf.
I am creating several WFs for my work and they are reliable and flexible (however sometimes may become slow...), but unfortunately I cannot show them.

  • Hey thanks so much. Its a start. I think I just need to break it down in to stages one by one and add to them. I am using Sharepoint 2013. Would workflow approval or a three stage be best. Thanks again for coming back so quickly. Really appreciate it.
    – user72199
    Nov 30 '17 at 16:29
  • You should measure if the OOB workflows meet your needs. Honestly I never use them because they are not flexible and finally it is not difficult to create an approval stage within a workflow. The really tricky part is to learn how to create good forms with the SPD - but this is another topic. If you have found useful the answer, please set it up. Thanks
    – Marpio
    Dec 1 '17 at 8:44

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