I have a wiki pages library inside my SP on-premises 2013. And I have enabled the "Metadata Navigation and Filtering" site feature. Then i went to my pages library setting >> Metadata navigation settings >> and i added 5 site columns which are of type Managed Metadata inside the "Configure Key Filters", as follow:-

enter image description here

here is the result

enter image description here

now i am trying to find a way to define default values for these key filters. i tried setting a defualt value for these site columns, but the defualt value will be shown when creating a new page, but will not have any effect on the key filter.. so is there a way to set a defualt value for my key filters??

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If you want to filter a value by default, I'd probably use the query strings as a default page link (for navigation or webpart header link) like this: [...]/doclibrary/Forms/AllItems.aspx?FilterField1=Doc%5Fx0020%5FStatus&FilterValue1=Archived and add more filters with FilterField2 and FilterValue2

Or if you are looking to add values to the textboxes, I'd use javascript on load to add whatever values you want to put.

  • thanks for the hint , now i chose the default value inside the "Key Filters" area, and i click on Apply button, where i got a new url containing the filtering criteria .. now i can use this url to set the defualt value.. this worked well, although it will only allow me to chose a single filter value for each filter field, as when i define two values inside the same filter field,, the url will only contain the value for one value. not sure why ...
    – John John
    Commented Nov 30, 2017 at 11:40

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