I cant find the picture library add-in for a modern communication site. Is there any feature i need to enable?


Few list templates are not available in communication site template. You can enable 'Team Collaboration Lists' in site features to get the picture library templates installed. Navigate to the https://yoursite/_layouts/15/ManageFeatures.aspx and activate the the feature.

  • Typical bad Msft ux - no way anyone would know this. – matt Jul 9 at 23:15

in order to get Pciture Library in SharePoint Online Modern Team/Communication sites follow the below mention steps.

  1. Create a new Document Library.
  2. Go to Library Settings -> Advance Settings -> and set Allow Management of Content Type to Yes.
  3. Now in Library setting page, under content types click on Add from Existing Content type.
  4. Select the Picture content type from the list of available content types and click on OK button.
  5. Now again in Library setting page, under content type click on Change new button order and default content type. Now make Picture as default content type and uncheck Document.
  6. Now go back to Library All Item view. From the right corner on command bar menu change the view to Tiles.

You are done here. Now you have modern library as Picture Library.

  • am using an add-in that need a picture library in this scenario it doesnt detect any picture library – Keshav Taurah Nov 28 '17 at 9:52
  • Yeah, adding the content type doesn't work @ThinkB4Code. – matt Jul 9 at 23:07

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