We are on SharePoint 2016 on premise. We have one document library in which we have added look up column (Category) of existing list(Allow multiple selection). We We want to sort by Active column (yes/no). Display Categories which are Active on top.

Please suggest how can we achieve this?


Amit Chhatbar

  • Hi Amit - did this answer your question?
    – Tally
    Nov 28 '17 at 10:27

In your question it is not clear if you are using 'Allow Multiples Selection' in a choice field - if you are, choice fields will not sort in a nice way.

i.e. Value A will show at the top of your sorted results; Values A and B will show next; then Values A and C next, then A,B and D, then A, C and D, then Value B, then Value B and C and so on.

However, if your values are simply 'Yes' or 'No' you should modify the view in Library settings - go to the 'Sort By' settings and choose to Sort By the Active field. Show items in descending order to show the Yes values before the No.

n.b. the screenshot shows a field called ID, but you need to select your Active field here instead.

Sort By screenshot

You can also add a secondary Sort By, just choose another field.

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