I am receiving the above error when trying to deploy a provider hosted add-in to the SP site. The error started appearing after the Visual studio 2017 update from ver.:15.2 to ver.:15.4. New empty app deploys successfully.

The missing path is similar to:


In the "bin\Debug" there is no "app.publish" folder.

I switched the output of the studio to greater detail and compared the output of working (empty template) vs. non-working app:

2>  Deleting file "obj\Debug\\96dfa18c-b6b1-47cb-baa1-504b623c58d6.cs".

----This is missing in the non-working app----
2>  Removing directory "pkg\Debug\".
2>  Removing directory "pkgobj\Debug\".
2>  Creating directory "pkg\Debug\".
2>  Creating directory "pkgobj\Debug\".
2>Skipping target "MergeSearchConfigurationFiles" because it has no outputs.
2>  Directory "bin\Debug\OfficeAppManifests\" doesn't exist. Skipping.
2>  Successfully created package at: C:\code\temp\SharePointAddIn1\SharePointAddIn1\bin\Debug\SharePointAddIn1.debugapp
----End of missing part----

3>------ Deploy started: Project: SharePointAddIn1, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------

So far I have: - Checked the permissions of the folders. Everything looks good. - Visual Studio is ran as Administrator... - Tried repairing and then re-installing the Visual Studio - Clean and install ver.: 15.3 (couldn't find a way to downgrade to 15.2) - Compared the project settings of both projects

Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong or at least what could I check next?

Thanks in advance!


It turned out that the "IsPackaging" parameter ends up being "false".

Adding the: <IsPackaging>true</IsPackaging> to the project file forced the app package to build successfully. However I am now getting the "Unknown app identifier error" as the client id is not registered in the SharePoint.

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