I am trying to use the graph to find all users in a SharePoint group on O365. The SharePoint Group contains Azure AD groups. The LoginName for one of these Azure AD groups within a SharePoint group looks like this:


How do I take that LoginName, that represents and Azure AD group and find its members using the graph?

I found this link which explains how the Login names are formed (the above is a claim for a role with a string value with an AuthMode of forms based Autentication), but that does not help. The LoginName seems to represent a SID.

How do I find that Sid in Azure AD using the graph? I Can find the group using its displayName using v1.0/groups?$filter=displayName eq 'The Name of the group'&$expand=members but that does not help because I have Unified groups and AD groups with the same displayName.

When I run that query to get the group by displayName the result does not have a SID. It does have an onPremisesSecurityIdentifier field, but the value in that field does not equal the SID that is shown in the LoginName value in the SharePoint group.

How do I get to an AzureAD group members from a SharePoint LoginName using the graph?


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