I'm tring to get the file by relative URL . I"m usig sharepoint onligne . and i get this error:

Server relative urls must start with SPWeb.ServerRelativeUrl

here is the code:

$web = $ctx.Web
  $PageLayoutName = $pageLayoutContentType
  $items = $web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl($PageLayoutName)
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    what values are you using in $pageLayoutContentType and $PageLayoutName ? It needs to be relative url like /sites/test/_catalogs/master/mypagelayout.aspx – Gautam Sheth Nov 22 '17 at 9:20

You can check a page layout server relative url with Rest API, for example, get a pagelayout server relative url in Pages Library:


enter image description here

And use this value in $web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl method

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