I am developing a Staff Appraisal site for the school I teach in. The idea is for each staff member to have a document library with their appraisal documents securely contained by permissions. We have 100+ teaching staff, so lots of libraries!

Is there a way to automatically redirect a teacher to their library when they log in based on their login credentials? I could do this via clicking through a staff directory but the Principal is keen for a personalized experience so when a user logs in they get a welcome message like "Good Morning Dave," and their library opens without having to click anywhere else.

My guess would be to set up a page with code snippets that do the redirecting - does this sound right? I don't know how to code at all, but the IT guys at school should be able to help me out if I can show them the idea.


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Auto redirecting to a document library is not a bad idea. With code you can do anything.

You have to keep below things in mind to make it fully functional

  1. You should name document libraries predictable. i.e. Dave-Appraisal-Lib. If you have more people with same name, then think of a logic to add numbers with name. This will help you in constructing URLs.
  2. You can add a Content Editor Webpart on home page
  3. Write JSOM code functions, and call it from $(document).ready. Function can contain code of getting the logged in user name such as _spPageContextInfo.userDisplayName this will help you in predicting library name
  4. Construct your URL to Document Library, and then redirect.
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    Assuming all names are uniqe maybe name the libraries with their names and then code a simple javascript redirect that would use either what Asad here suggested or use SPServices' get current user
    – Kloggy
    Nov 21, 2017 at 22:13

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