I'm trying to set the language of a SharePoint site to Swedish (or, create a new site in Swedish). I have found a few articles online giving mixed answers. Here is what I've tried:

On a site, go to Site Settings > Site Administration > Language Settings

Problem: There is no Language Settings link under Site Admin

When you create a new site from Central Admin, select the language from the Language field above where you select the template.

Problem: There is no Language field above Select a template.

Add the Swedish language pack from Control Panel > Language

This didn't change anything.

Move Swedish to the top so that it is the default, system language.

This didn't change anything.

I'm at a loss... there has to be some way to change the language of a site. Does anyone have any advice on what I can try?


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First, You should be aware of Creating a new Site based on a Specific Language is not dependent on the System Language.

Second, To be able to Create a new site based on a specific language (Swedish), you should install its corresponding Language Pack.

Third, What's the Language Pack?

Language packs enable creation of sites and site collections in multiple languages without requiring separate installations of SharePoint Server 2013.

Note: Multiple language packs can be installed on the same server.

Fourth, From where can I download the Svenska Language Pack for SharePoint 2013?

You can download Svenska Language Pack for SharePoint 2013 from Språkpaket för SharePoint Server 2013 – [Svenska]

Fifth, How can I install the SharePoint Language Pack?

  • After downloading your preferred SharePoint Language Pack,

    • If you have a standalone SharePoint server, Just install the downloaded Language Pack, Then Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.

    • If you have Complete farm,

      • So you should Install the downloaded Language Pack on All SharePoint Servers within the farm.
      • Then Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard on All SharePoint Servers cross the farm, started from the server that hosts the Central Administration.

Note: If you do not run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard after you install a language pack, the language pack will not be installed properly.

Finally, To change the SharePoint Language Settings

  • Open your site with Internet Explorer > Go to Site Settings > Site Administration > Language settings.

  • Check your Alternate language > Click on Ok.

  • From Internet Explorer Menu > Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Click on Language Button below appearance section.
  • Click on Set Language preferences > and Move your Alternate language Up.

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