I'm trying to send an email with attachment using Useful Sharepoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities from Codeplex.

I've put my recipients in an SP group but when I try to email to that group I get an error that's it's not in the format of an e-mail address.

Does that mean that SPD can't e-mail to an SP GROUP? Or is it a bug in the Custom Activities?

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The Email workflow activity that ships with SharePoint 2007 is quite limited. If you need more control then have a look at this article that uses the Workflow Power Pack to send emails with attachments. (I worked on this product so consider me biased).


I've run into this a couple times. Workflows (at least in WSS 3) don't resolve SP groups to email addresses, so you can't just email a SP group and have it go to everyone in the group. The only solution we found was to create a custom feature or webpart to handle that portion of the work, or hard code the email addresses in the workflow itself (which isn't really a good practice for future manageability).

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