I've been trying without success to synchronize an existing Outlook Calendar to a Sharepoint one. Or even to display an existing Outlook Calendar in Sharepoint.

I know and I've been able to do the opposite, I mean synchronize a Sharepoint Calendar to an Outlook one but that's not what I want because my existing Outlook calendar is shared with a list and I don't want to change that.

I have found many topics on this but no answers to my problem.

I'm now wondering if this is even possible.

Thank you.

  • Which versions of SharePoint and Outlook/Exchange are you using? – KRobison Nov 16 '17 at 18:34

SharePoint Calendars are a one way setup with 2 way functionality. What that means is you are allowed to see and edit a SharePoint calendar in Outlook. But you can't push or pull a calendar from Outlook into SharePoint.

What you can do is create the calendar in SharePoint, connect it to your Outlook, and Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop from your original Outlook calendar into the connected SP calendar while in Outlook. This could reduce typing, but is still a manual process.

I haven't used it, but there is/was a webpart for MyCalendar. Where SharePoint would show you your calendar from Outlook on the SharePoint page. But it wouldn't show a shared calendar or someone else's calendar. It would go fetch it when you opened the page.

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