I am trying to use this,

It is the best accordion i could find that uses lists. I get the main part to work but the pagination is corrupt.

It looks like this. enter image description here

The code comes from the page below.


If someone has used this and know why the bootstrap will not work, please help. I have added links to read glyph,flat icons and the bootstrap css. Could it be that the functions used here is different in newer versions of bootstrap?

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Probably the problem is because your customized style(bootstrap) is mixing with the sharepoint page (.aspx) in wich you are trying to insert your

If you have to use a webpart I suggest using "Page Viewer WebPart" instead of "Content Editor".

Content editor is like insert your customized code inside the sharepoint page. "Page Viewer web part" use an iframe , in this way you can separate styles in sharepoint page and your customized styles(bootstrap).

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