Is it possible CONCATENATE 2 Choice columns? We want to display the descriptions next to the choices. There are 5 choices for the user to pick from in a New Item form. The boss wants an elaborate description next to (to the right) each choice. I thought maybe I could make another choice column w/ the descriptions, then another calculated concatenated column to join them. Is that possible or reasonable? We have a no-code rule, so I can't use Designer or InfoPath. Thanks!

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1) Create a separate list

2) Add a calculated column (e.g. Full Title) with the following formula:

=CONCATENATE([Title]," - ",[description])

enter image description here

3) Use Full Title column as lookup column enter image description here


Try using a lookup column. Make another list with your items and descriptions. Then make a lookup to that list and select the description column for "add a column to show".

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