We use SharePoint lists with InfoPath form templates for various lists. When a user fills out the InfoPath form, it is submitted to its respective list. Each list has columns published that pulls data from the submitted form.

On Friday, I published an incorrect (and very old) version of an InfoPath form to a list. All of the columns are now blank. When I open previously submitted forms from this list it just shows me a blank version of the incorrect form.

When i look at the last modified date for each form it shows the correct date, so I BELIEVE the data is still there, but it's not pulling up because it's using the incorrect version of the template.

How can I fix this? I have tried to restore previous versions of the submitted forms but it just pulls up using the incorrect template and does not have any data. Do I just re-publish the correct version of the template? What other options do I have for restore? Is there any way I can pull the data from SQL?


I was able to fix this by publishing the original template and then re-opening each form to repopulate the data in all columns.

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