Here's the thing: I need to add a button in the page that users can use to download a whole library to their computers.. BUT they must not be able to edit these folders! So I cannot make the button open the documents in a Explorer Window because they may erase or cut any file or folder by mistake, so I just need to add a button in the page which allows the users to download a copy of these folders in their computers, any idea how? (any javascript or html solution?)

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For sharepoint on premise,

You can implement "Download as Zip" Custom Action into your ribbon. You can refer to this link as a sample http://adicodes.com/download-files-as-zip-file-in-sharepoint

  • So I guess there's no way to achieve this without implementing something in the ribbon, the thing is that as an employee in a corporate environment I'm not able to implement anything, but thanks anyway!!
    – Soul Eater
    Dec 2, 2017 at 17:04

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