I am in the process of building a list form using InfoPath for a team's intake form.

There are two separate columns:

  • Validation Date
  • Time Required

Validation Date will be a date stamp (Jan 1, 2018), meanwhile Time Required will just be the time stamp (12:00am).

The problem is, in my list view the "Time Required" shows both a date stamp and time stamp, even though I only want it to display the time stamp:

enter image description here

The date stamp highlighted in yellow is what I want either hidden/removed.

The "Validation Date" column used to display the time stamp as well, but I managed to fix it by clicking on some settings that said something along the lines of "show date only". There was, however, no equivalent for "show time only" that ended up working.

Can someone assist? For these fields, I am using the "Date and Time" input from the controls selection in InfoPath:

enter image description here

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Unfortunately, there is no A Time control in InfoPath or Time column in SharePoint list.

InfoPath Workarounds

Based on the Validation Date, try to calculate the Time Required as the following:

  • Let Validation Date show back Date and Time.
  • Add a new TextBox as Time Required > Set it as Read-only in the control properties.

  • Add a new TextBox as Date Required > Set it as Read-only in the control properties.

  • Now Create a rule, when Validation Date changed set the Time Required with the below formula

    substring-after(Time Required, "T")
  • Again, create a rule when Validation Date changed set the Date Required with the below formula

    substring-before(Time Required, "T")


enter image description here

SharePoint workaround

Creating a Calculated Column to show only time part from Time Required Field, then hide the Time Required from the list view

=TEXT([Time Required],"hh:mm:ss")

To Show Date

TEXT([Date Required],"mm-dd-yyyy")
  • Thank you for the feedback. Do your solutions overwrite existing form data? The problem is I'm making modifications to an already deployed list that has thousands of entries, many of these forms were created with data values inserted into "Time Required" already. I'm afraid if I use your solutions, they will either reject, overwrite or completely be an entirely different data column. Nov 8, 2017 at 0:08

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