I use Sharepoint Online with O365 licenses. I created a test employee directory page that's based on people search results web part + a custom display template from Create a Simple SharePoint 2013 Employee Directory on Office365. I can do some coding, but I'm not a developer nor a Sharepoint developer, so I'm a little bit stuck.

My problem is: currently the page is working, but only I am able to see the search results part of the page, other users just get a blank. They somehow do get the top alphabetic sort buttons, and they also get the refiners on the left pane, but somehow just the middle section where search bar and results who are BLANK.

The users I tested with all are admin (IT users), I made sure that they have access to the site, page, had the page published, checked in, everything.

I don't know why some parts of the page like the refiners on the left show, but not the center part, which is the whole thing, would show blank. I think if it was a permission issue, they'd get an error outright, instead of getting the side refiners but not the search results web part.

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I found the answer.

The 2 new display templates I was using needed to be checked in/published/and approved before being accessible to all users. I did it and now it displays just fine for users other than myself.

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