Is there any way we can add Power BI web part in web part page in SharePoint Online?

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You can check out this detailed documentation on how to use your Power Bi URL to add it to the Power BI report in SharePoint Online

-Go to Power BI site enter image description here

  • Copy the Power BI URL of your published report enter image description here

  • Add Power BI Webpart enter image description here

  • Use the report url enter image description here

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  • Thanks. I know how to add the Power BI web part in Modern Pages. I was asking how to add it on Web Part or Wiki Page? – Farhan Nov 8 '17 at 12:30

In case if you want to add the POwerBI report on a wiki page or a web part page in classic UI, you must use script editor web part. Just click on Publish to web option from the file tab in the app service, copy the html/src and paste it inside the script editor web part and you should be able to see the PowerBI report rendering on a wiki or web part page in classic UI.

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