As per My client requirement, they want in office 365 intranet site on home page rotating Carousel slider. I have no idea how to achive this using CEWP,using a library images. because I'm New in sharepoint 365.

Please suggest me with some link related this. I want link Below images.

enter image description here


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Initially used a typical Javascript carousel which worked fine, but maintenance of images, etc. was not suitable for non-techies. So after some digging switched over to PAIT Slider.

It reads from an Promoted Links list and allowed for customization, etc. My users could then manage the slide count, images and text simply by updating the list. Uses the Description field to allow any HTML you want. We used it to make a table with a footer that we place informational text and links.

<table style="width: 100%; height: 100%; text-align: center;">
            <td style="width: 100%;">
    <!-- slider image appears here as background -->
        <tr style="background: white; height: 50px; 
        border-top-color: #cdd0d4; border-top-width: 1px; 
        border-top-style: solid;">
            <td style="width: 100%;">
                <span>Caption text about your slide</span>

You still need to plant the images somewhere, so I tried adding this approach.

• Attach the image directly to the promoted list item used to configure the slide.
• Use a workflow to get the attachment path and name and put it in the field that defines the image address.
• Now the list can hold the slider caption, order configuration and the image.

Caution: slider will show without an image if field is left blank while waiting the workflow to run. So be sure to use a default image for that space.

*not affiliated with PAIT in any way, just a lucky find :)


Option #1 - You can use Office 365’s new modern site page and Highlighted content web part. The web part is only available on the new modern site page.

  1. Go to the Site Pages library and click new page.
  2. The new modern site page will open.
  3. Add the Highlighted content web part to the page.
  4. In the Type drop down select Images.
  5. In the Layout section select Carousel.

Option #2 - dd the Content Search web part or the Pictures web part to any web page – site page or web part page - and display an image slideshow/carousel. Large images are cropped to fit and display nicely.

When editing a web page the Content Search web part is usually in the Content Rollup category and the Pictures web part is usually in the Search-Driven Content category.

  1. Edit a web page.
  2. Add the one of the two web parts to the page.
  3. Edit the web part.
  4. In web part settings, in the Search Criteria section click Change Query, then in the Restrict by app drop down select Specify a URL and enter your picture library’s URL. Click Ok.
  5. In web part settings, in the Display Templates section, in the Control drop down select Slideshow, and in the Item drop down select Large Picture.
  • I preferred your 1st option but this not full page slider , if i want top of the page full page slider so how can we manage? you have any idea? . Nov 7, 2017 at 5:33
  • Off the top of my head I dont' have any ideas. Sorry Mohammad. I'll leave another comment if I think of anything. Good luck! Nov 7, 2017 at 12:14
  • No Problem ,Thank you so much Jenny for your effort . Nov 7, 2017 at 21:36

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