i have a strange problem with CQWP

I have a list contenttype that is assigned to some lists. Now I want to use a content query webpart to show all items with additional columns based on this content type.

What I have done so far:

  1. I have created a custom itemsytyle.xsl file
  2. I have added my custom columns into this xsl file. enter image description here
  3. I have checked in the new file as major version
  4. I have created a content query webpart with the following query: Listtype = user defined list Contenttype = My Contenttype
  5. I have exported this webpart and added my columns to CommonViewFields. The field typing and data type are correct when i checked it from the url param (fid=....) in the edit section of the content type Vertragsbeginn, DateTime;Vertragsende, DateTime;Vertragsart, Text
  6. I have added the new itemstyle to the webpart. /team/vm/Style%20Library/XSL%20Style%20Sheets/CustomItemStyle.xsl
  7. I have set the cache param to false in the webpart file ( in case it is a Cache issue)
  8. I have uploaded the new webpart
  9. I delete the old webpart and add the new just generated webpart

My problems now are:

  • The slots in the display section will not shown. There are always the default slots with title, description, .... when i choose my custom style. enter image description here
  • The values of the addtional columns are not displayed in my CQWP only the Titles from the different lists that are assigned to this content type . enter image description here

    Only when i switch the source of the webpart directly to a list that is assigned to this content type all the values will be displayed.enter image description here

i have also created an item style to Display all fields. When i checked this i didn´t found my fields that i have added to the commonviewfields enter image description here

i´ve have already looked into so many good Topics regarding this Topic in this board and on Google without any success.

Has anybody an idea how to solve this?

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