i have created a custom master page( converted an html page to master page) . I want to add a slideshow to the page,but i am not able to make the picture library snippet to work. I have tried with the image web part snippet but cant seem to be able to resize the pictures only the webpart in overall is being resized

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I’m not sure about the master page and such, but you if you are using SharePoint 2013 or later you can add the Content Search web part or the Pictures web part to any web page – site page or web part page - and display an image slideshow. Large images are cropped to fit and display nicely.

When editing a web page the Content Search web part is usually in the Content Rollup category and the Pictures web part is usually in the Search-Driven Content category.

  1. Edit a web page.
  2. Add the one of the two web parts to the page.
  3. Edit the web part.
  4. In web part settings, in the Search Criteria section click Change Query, then in the Restrict by app drop down select Specify a URL and enter your picture library’s URL. Click Ok.
  5. In web part settings, in the Display Templates section, in the Control drop down select Slideshow, and in the Item drop down select Large Picture.
  • please have a look at the image i have added i am not able to increase the image to fit the entire column.Note increasing the size of the web part doesnt increase the image size,. Commented Nov 6, 2017 at 6:56
  • The image size in your screenshot is the default sizing. To modify that I believe you'd have to create a new item display template. Commented Nov 6, 2017 at 13:17
  • how exactly do i create a new template Commented Nov 7, 2017 at 8:55
  • There are countless bogs that can walk you through creating a display template. I suggest you read through a few a couple times before you crack any HTML files open. I also suggest you present your customer with the available implementation options and let them decide. I use a template that provides a visual resource to share with stakeholders when their input is required to select the best implementation option before mockup-ups or site content is created. It is available at jennyssharepointtips.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/…. Commented Nov 7, 2017 at 12:12

This worked for me,just need to change the size accordingly :https://en.share-gate.com/blog/sharepoint-slider-display-template

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