We have SharePoint 2013 Farm - 3 Web server + 2 app server + 1 DB server. Setup NLB cluster from Web servers.

One of web servers is working bad in latest time.

Can I do add new web server in farm and add in NLB cluster and later delete old server from NLB and farm?

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You can add the New WFE into the SharePoint farm and add into the NLB cluster anytime. You have to make sure couple of things.

  • SharePoint version should be same on new server ( same cu level)
  • set the permission on the server i.e. farm admin account
  • apply / make custom changes on the server i.e. web.config change and any other settings
  • Update the IIS bindings and SSL certs ( if any)
  • Update the NLB cluster
  • Make sure all the required service running on the server which
  • Now test the server.

To remove the server from the farm, you can do it any time.


Yes, you could do that.
Also, you can delete the bad server firstly, then add the new one. They are both OK.

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