I would like to retrieve all document libraries with the help of SharePoint(2010/2016) Search in a site.

I am using FQL and when I tried below I got all lists in particular site. Is this the right approach or is there a better approach for the same.

<QueryPacket xmlns='urn:Microsoft.Search.Query'>
            <Format revision='1'>urn:Microsoft.Search.Response.Document:Document</Format>
            <QueryText language='en' type='FQL'>and(filter(path:string(\"/Forms/AllItems.aspx\")),sitename:string(\"http://host/sitename\"))</QueryText>

Above approach is working fine in SharePoint 2010 but when I do the same in SharePoint 2016 it does not give any records. I would like to search "/Forms/AllItems.aspx" value in path field. It's working if I give the absolute URL but not for relative URL.

You can refer to below link on how to create test project for FQL.



As per @Lee_MSFT's response I tried my search criteria with "ContentClass:STS_List_DocumentLibrary" and it returns only document libraries. Because I need to search in the specific library, I added an additional filter for SiteName and it gave me the result but not all library.

So I tried below criteria with different properties but none of them gave me all libraries in a site.

SiteName:"http://site" ContentClass:"STS_List_DocumentLibrary
SPSiteURL:"http://site" ContentClass:"STS_List_DocumentLibrary"
Path:"http://site" ContentClass:"STS_List_DocumentLibrary"

Because none of above worked I tried below to see if I can get the document library that I am interested in and surprisingly got the record.

Path:"https://site/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx" ContentClass:"STS_List_DocumentLibrary"

So looks like when I search path with the absolute URL I get the library but when I try to search all library with contentclass it's not returning all libraries.

  • Late comment: To filter for a site, use an asterix/wildcard at the end of the path: Path:"https://site/*" ContentClass:"STS_List_DocumentLibrary"
    – poke
    Jan 10, 2020 at 1:19

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You could check the property contentclass:STS_List_DocumentLibrary.

One link for your reference:


  • If I am not wrong then this will return all documents with content type document library. I need list of all document libraries within a specific site. Nov 3, 2017 at 10:57
  • Nope, this works perfectly to return the AllItems view for every Doc Lib you have access to. Nov 3, 2017 at 12:25
  • @RaviKhambhati so filter it by the specific site as well. There’s no reason why you cannot use more than one filter
    – Greg W
    Nov 4, 2017 at 9:58
  • @Lee_MSFT content class approach worked but run into some other issue. Please have a look at the updated question. Nov 17, 2017 at 18:21
  • @MatthewMcDermott What if we don't want to return AllItems view, but another custom view for the document library, is that possible? Almost like filter it out...
    – klewis
    Apr 19, 2021 at 22:41

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