I have a Field (Site Column) element which is type DateTime

<Field DisplayName="Created" Name="Created" StaticName="Created" Type="DateTime" ID="{28C9A5E9-513C-415A-8C41-E7A3D767EABD}" Group="DateTime Columns">

this deploys OK but what is happening is the default time is going to the nearest half an hour when you create a new record in the list

Current happenings

The date itself is fine, but I want the time to be the exact minute when the user clicks on "New" to create a new list record.

Most likely to do with the [today] default value, however, without a calculated field type, not sure what else will be accepted.

How can I do this?


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OK I just found out that the field will only default to the nearest half an hour when the DateTime field is editable. So if you make the field hidden so the user will not be able to edit it, the row will be saved with the current time the save button was clicked

enter image description here

This doesn't actually answer my question directly but I now have the end result I wanted.

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