is it possible to replicate a one-to-many relationship in sharepoint lists.

Scenario: I've two libraries - A and B. All documents in library B must belong to one document in the document A. So, when I'm adding a new document in library B, I want to be able to have a dropdown list which is populated from the title of documents in library A.

How is this possible?


Create a Lookup column in library B that points to the Title field of library A. When a new item is uploaded, users will then see a drop down list and display all the values of existing items in library A as possible selections.

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Sound like you have a good start based on PirateErics response. I might add that if you are looking for a cascading relationship between your Lists look at spservices from Marc Anderson. Here is a link

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  • hey thanks for the additional comment. will look in to it tooo. – tommi Nov 8 '11 at 20:06

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