I'm trying to get the file size of attachments using SharePoint designer. I have the correct url but when calling the web service i get the count of items returned = 0 .

The url i use is :


Here is a screenshot of the steps used :

enter image description here

Anyone knows what i'm doing wrong. On previous steps i use this rest api call :


to get the Server Relative Url which i then use to construct the rest api call for the file properties.

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? Should i use the d/results ?

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Firstly, get the attach file ServerRelativeUrl with the Rest EndPoint below:

https://kevindemo167.sharepoint.com/sites/Developer/_api/web/lists/getbyTitle('TestList')/items(1)?$expand=AttachmentFiles enter image description here

Then access the file and properties with this Url:


Note, the serveraltiveurl should be the same as the url got from first EndPoint, and there is a properties named "Length", it's the attachment file length/size: enter image description here

In the workflow, Please use "d/Length" to get the file length from the response Dictionary: enter image description here

  • Much appreciated it for the reply. I actually found out the solution using Postman . I could see that there is no results nodes , and i use d/length. However thanks again . I will mark your post as the answer
    – shak
    Nov 2, 2017 at 10:23

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