How can I save data from fields across multiple screens to submit as one entry?

For example, I can use an Edit Screen to submit a form with 25 fields. I'd rather have a flow with detailed explanations so each field (or two) is on separate screens. I can create a button to the next screen, but how do I save the data from each field/screen and submit all fields at once? Or (and on a related note), if I have to submit each field at at time, how do I append the data to the same record?

  • I know its been long time, but have you resolved this Issue, cause I am facing the same, Please help me on this. Commented Mar 13, 2019 at 11:41

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According to the docs, you can create a global variable using the Set function. These will persist between screens which allows you to accumulate them and submit all at once. You could also use a collection, which gives you the same basic capabilities, but in table form.

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