Hi I am creating my own content types and assigning them to my new lists like so

var contentType = clientContext.Web.ContentTypes.GetById(ContentTypeID);
list.ContentTypesEnabled = true;

This works well, however, I do not need to have the default content type attached to these lists. See below.

The Default Content Type

How can I remove it via code?

Researching more into it, I now know there is a variable called UniqueContentTypeOrder and I try to apply the new content type ID I want on to it. For example.

IList<ContentTypeId> ctoFolder = new List<ContentTypeId>();


list.RootFolder.UniqueContentTypeOrder = ctoFolder;

However, when executing the query I am getting an "Unknown error" in the catch

Any ideas?



Use ContentTypeCollection.GetById method to get the specific content type and then delete it from the list.

$contentTypeID="<content type id>"
#Delete the content type from the list
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  • Thanks, worked it out shortly after. Cheers for posting. – user3428422 Nov 3 '17 at 14:08

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