how to minimize database latency issues for increase sharepoint web front end and applications servers performance I have a large scale of sharepoint farm and in peak time there is issue of Sql server slowness

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    You must first identify the actual bottleneck before addressing it. "Latency" is a generic term which could mean network, disk, CPU, memory.
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    Commented Oct 29, 2017 at 19:46

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Some things to check consider:

  • Add RAM to SQL Server box
  • Decrease the distance between the SQL Server and the SharePoint servers
  • Isolate the SQL Server from other applications--just have SharePoint databases on one server, no other instances or non-SharePoint application databases
  • Point the web servers back to themselves ( in the HOSTS file.
  • Decrease the services on the web front end servers that should be application server specific.
  • Add more servers to the farm and scale out.
  • Follow the recommended requirements

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