I have SharePoint 2016 enterprise with Office 2016 and Skype 2016 (but we also have Exchange 2010). Is there a setting in Skype 2016 that is required for SharePoint 2016 to pick up the users status in the Presence Indicator or is this tied to Exchange?


  • What browser you using IE or chrome?
    – Waqas Sarwar MVP
    Oct 27, 2017 at 17:08

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Check from central admin if “Person Name Actions and Presence Settings” enabled for the web application, you can check by Go to Central Admin -> Manage Web Applications -> Select your web app -> General Settings

Also Check this one:


You have Lync running and open a SharePoint web page with IE (internet explorer) and the user presence information does not show.


Find the IE security zone the SharePoint site is in, and turn off "protected mode" for the IE security zone.

Or run IE as administrator

Issue Details:

The Office IE add-on loops though all the processes on the computer looking for Lync, so it can use a handle to the process to communicate with it. When IE is enforcing protected mode Windows security restricts the process list that is sent back to the Office IE add-on and the Lync handle is inaccessible.



Resolved: The Desktop team installed Skype for Business Basic as a separate install and then installed Office 2016 Pro and unchecked Skype for Business. Resolving it was to remove the stand-alone Skype for Business and re-install it through the Office 2016 Pro (Add/Remove Programs).


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